My “#1 Porn Star Trick” To Lasting Over 60 Minutes In Bed (Without Drugs)

By Aaron Wilcoxxx

Recently someone asked me…

“Hey Aaron, what’s your secret to getting and keeping rock solid erections and delaying your orgasms for hours, while having sex with beautiful women in front of entire camera crews”

And it’s funny.

Because for a long time I had never been asked that question.

Most men assume that us porn stars are BORN WITH GREAT GENETICS.

…But they’re WRONG!

Yes, one or two porn stars are lucky and can get and stay hard naturally.

But many porn stars, like me, use special TRICKS to quickly get rock hard when needed, stay rock hard and delay our orgasms…

…So we can have sex for hours while gorgeous women ride us in all sorts of crazy ways.

And no, that trick is NOT by taking Viagra or some other erection drug.

For those who’ve ever done any research into drugs like Viagra know that it comes with some very serious side-effects.

And personally I don’t want to risk my health or my erections when I don’t have to.

So, what’s my trick?

What is that I and many other porn stars do to get hard-as-steel erections on command, achieve total control over when we orgasm, so we can have sex for HOURS while giving women countless intense orgasms?

Well, I’ve made a quick video explaining it.

Which, to watch, just click here.

But let me give you a quick heads up…


I’m worried my fellow porn stars could get angry at me for sharing this.

And if they ask me to take it down… I will.

So, if you want to know my secret for lasting for hours in bed, go watch it now…

Oh, and by the way…

I’ve already been teaching these tricks to a small group of men and it’s amazing just how well it’s been working.

Young guys have been using this to stop premature ejaculation, last longer and give women multiple intercourse orgasms (a few of these guys now have women LINING UP to have sex because of the reputation they’re building).

And older guys (including many married men) have been using this to stop erectile dysfunction, get control back over their erections – and some even save failing marriages because their wives now love sex so much.

The bottom line is this weird little trick I use works like CRAZY.

If you want to have sex like a porn star, you’ve got to go watch this video.

Anyway, I’ve got another shoot later this afternoon so I’ve got to run.

Go watch my video and let me know what you think.

Here’s the link again…

Click Here To See My Trick To World-Class Stamina That Women Go WILD For