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If you’d like to discover how to melt off pound after pound of body fat to reveal a ripped, chiselled body, this may be the most important message you ever read.

If you’ve watched porn you’ve probably noticed how most of the men in these movies are in incredible shape.

You’ll have seen the six packs.

The huge biceps.

And you’ll have watched the women take pleasure in stroking their hands all over their rugged bodies.

And let me tell you first hand, as a porn star who’s ALSO got one of these bodies…

Women LOVE to have sex with you when you’re in great shape.

They want to touch you more, they want to grab you more…

And, quite frankly, they want SEX more.

With a great body you get more respect, more appreciation and quite simply more women want you.

And sex is BETTER when you’re physically fit.

So listen.

If you want a better sex life, one of the greatest things you can do is get in excellent shape.

And it’s no coincidence that so many porn stars are in great shape.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret…

Most of us won’t admit it.

But honestly, most of us porn stars are LAZY.

Most of us find working out BORING.

And the idea of spending hours each day pounding away on a cardio machine, truthfully, makes me a little nauseous.

But at the same time…

We still want to look great.

Our job – having sex with gorgeous women on camera – DEMANDS IT.


How do we do it?

How do we stay in incredible shape, when fundamentally, a lot of us are lazy?

Well, the answer is that we perform special, very intense, but SHORT, workouts.


Anyone who tells you that you’re going to get into incredible shape by doing NOTHING is lying.

There’s no two ways about it.

If you want to look good, you’ve got to work out.

But rather than waste countless hours beating the treadmill in the gym…

Why not get the most possible out of the smallest amount of time?

I think most people would agree with this line of thinking.


If you’re already hesitant about the idea of a new workout program.

I get it.

Most people have tried weight loss programs and found that they don’t produce the results as promised.

And so why bother working out if you don’t feel like it’s going to make any difference?

I totally understand.

I wouldn’t want to bother working out if I knew it wasn’t going to make any difference either.

But let me ask you this question…

What if you knew with 100% CERTAINTY that completing a special 15-30 minute workout was DEFINITELY going to get you that one step closer to having the body you’ve always dreamed of?

You’d find a way to get that 15-30 minute workout done, wouldn’t you?


One of the biggest problems people face when trying to get in shape is INEFFECTIVE WORKOUTS.

What they try doesn’t work and so they lose confidence and give up.

What you need is a way of working out that WORKS.

And works FAST.

And doesn’t take much time to perform.

THAT is the secret behind how so many porn stars are in such great shape.

We perform special high intensity workouts that SUPER-CHARGE OUR METABOLISM, helping our bodies to burn fat for up to 48 HOURS after a workout.

And these highly effective workouts SIMULTANEOUSLY help stimulate muscle growth, causing us to pack on slabs of lean muscle.

My point is this.

If you feel like you’ve tried everything and you’re still struggling to shed that stubborn belly fat or you’re desperate to put on those extra pounds of muscle…

It’s time to start doing what me and many other porn stars do to maintain these highly desirable physiques.


A lot of guys have been asking me about how I and other porn stars stay in such great shape.

Especially because the people that know me, know I can be particularly lazy at times.

So I’ve decided to start sharing my method.

And what I’ve done is I’ve created a full program that walks through my exact recommended workout plan for RAPID fat loss and muscle gain.

The name of this program is The Adult Movie Star Abs Secret

I designed this program as if I had 30 days to get in best shape of my life.

30 days to pack on pounds of lean muscle and melt my body fat to get shredded.

Obviously you can keep on going after 30 days if you want to improve even further (I also include a 90 day plan in the program), but these 30 days are about getting in shape FAST.

This program includes specific exercises, tracking sheets and workout plans that you can follow STEP-BY-STEP so you know exactly what to do to lose the fat and gain the muscle.

And if you want to seriously ramp up the speed of your fat loss and body transformation I’ve also included dietary tips – including THE EXACT FOODS that’ll help you melt fat and pack on muscle the fastest.

So look.

What’s it worth to you to finally shed that stubborn belly fat and reveal a ripped muscular physique?

What’s it worth to have your woman want to touch you constantly and desperately jump into bed with you, because your body feels irresistible to her?

For most men, a result like this is priceless.

And that’s why many men are happy to pay anywhere from $50-$200 per HOUR for personal trainers to help them work out.

But listen.

In this program you’re not just getting ONE workout.

You’re getting a completely SYSTEM.

You're going to discover how to quickly shed unwanted belly fat.

AND you'll discover how to pack on pounds of lean muscle in just 30 days.

And you can then KEEP using this system for longer if you wish.

If you were to pay a personal trainer to deliver you anything similar it would probably cost you THOUSANDS of dollars.

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