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And I’m about to show you, based on my experience of sleeping with hundreds of women, exactly how to do it.[2]

The first thing you must realise is this…

If Your Woman SAYS She's Satisfied... She's NOT Satisfied...[3]

See, for a long time, after sex I would ask women – “did you orgasm?” or “was it good for you?”

And EVERY time they would tell me yes.

But part of me never quite trusted when they said this.

And eventually I realised this…

If You Have To Ask, She’s NOT Satisfied


Because it should be OBVIOUS if a woman is satisfied.

If your woman isn't positively shaking, vibrating, moaning and OBVIOUSLY ORGASMING then she is NOT satisfied.

But for a long time I was like most guys...

For Years I Just Did What Came Naturally During Sex… Start Off Slow, Build Up Speed, Try A Few Different Positions, Stimulate Her Clitoris And Try And Hit The G-Spot

All the usual stuff you’ve heard.

And I thought that would be enough.

Turns out I was DEAD WRONG.

Just Doing The Obvious Things In Bed Will NOT Give Your Woman The Kind Of Wild And Intense Orgasms That Make Her ADDICTED To Having Sex With You.

To give a woman the kind of sexual pleasure that makes her entire body vibrate and shake with ecstasy, so she uncontrollably screams your name out loud and leaves your entire penis dripping wet with her ejaculate (yes, female ejaculate is a very real and natural thing)…

…That takes ADVANCED sexual techniques.

And long-story-short, after sleeping with hundreds of women and testing hundreds of different styles of having sex from finger techniques to thrusting techniques, stimulation techniques to special massages and every conceivable position, angles and speeds...

I Developed A FORMULA Of Special Techniques For Driving Women Wild With Pleasure In Bed

And if you've seen my more recent adult movies...

You'll notice the women in these movies go CRAZY with sexual pleasure when I use these special techniques.

The Methods Are So Effective In Fact, That I Was About To Create A Program Teaching All These Techniques... That Is Until I Came Across Sex Expert Jack Grave's Work.

Jack himself had also spent YEARS mastering female orgasm techniques, become an authority on the subject and had already started teaching other men the secrets he discovered.

To date he's taught advice to over 1 million men on the subject.

I took a look at what he was teaching and he'd discovered many of the same techniques I had - including some even I hadn't even seen before!

Jack's work saved me the time of needing to create my own program teaching this material.

And if you want to start giving your woman the kind of intense sexual satisfaction that'll make her BEG for sex, you've got to study his work.

For instance, take a look at this...

Jack Discovered There Are 9 Different Types of Intense Orgasm You Can Give A Woman

Now I know that might be hard to believe...

But women really do have the potential to experience 9 different types of orgasms.

These 9 include all different types of completely unique orgasms, from squirting orgasms, to G-Spot orgasms, to the jaw-dropping “Perpetual Orgasm” that can last for over 20 minutes!

Each of them is unique and highly pleasurable to women...

And when you know how to give her each kind...

You will possess a power so rare and so desirable that your lover will become magnetically attracted to having sex with you.

Now remember, it took Jack years of research, trial and error and testing to figure out all the different techniques necessary to trigger these types of orgasm in a woman.

And he's created a guide that walks through exactly how to make each type happen so you can become the most skillful and desirable lover she has ever had.

The Name Of This Guide Is Female Pleasure Guru

Jack has already shared the training in this program with a number of men.

Take a look at this...

Here’s A Small Sample Of What Other Men Have Had To Say…

“… Was Very Informative. I Was Able To Give My Girlfriend Her Very First Multiple Orgasm, And I Could Definitely Tell That She Was Not Faking That One. She Kept Telling Me To Stop, She Couldn’t Take Any More, But I Guess I Was A Little To Into It And Kept Going For A Minute Or So, And She Came Again… I Don’t Think She’s Quit Shaking Yet!!!”
-Daniel, Atlanta, US

“Jack, The Female Pleasure Guru Has Change My Life, It Has Made Me Look At Life At A Different Angle, This Has Help Me A Lot To Understand More About The Female Sex And The Mistakes I Use To Make, If Any Man Who Really Wants To Please His Woman And Feel Good About Himself, He Will Get This Book.”
-Mark, St. Lucia

“Thanks For Your Product, And This Just What I Need To Improve My Sex Life, This Is The Best Ever, And Jack, Thank You Very Much And Female Pleasure Guru Can Help A Lot That Have Problems With Their Sex Life. By The Way, Now I Have Confidence And Ready To Rock Girls World”

“… I Want To Say Your Guides Were Very Helpful And I Thank You For That, I’ve Gotten A Lot Better At Sex And Foreplay … Your Stuff Has Helped Me A Lot Still, My Sex Life Has Improved And Accelerated Drastically And I Get More Oral Returned To Me

It Is An Outstanding Course That Has After Only Two Weeks Made My Girlfriend Want More Sex! I Love The Subtle Changes That I Have Been Able To Make To What I Do To Her That I Have Learnt From Female Pleasure Guru! And I Can Tell She Is Very Grateful For It. I Was A Bit Skeptical At First But Then I Thought What Is The Price On A Sex Life That Can Make Your Relationship Wonderful. It Has Brought Both Of Us So Much Closer Together… !”
-Ollie, Manchester, UK

And the benefits of Female Pleasure Guru aren’t limited to all the powerful sex techniques you’ll discover…

It’s the ultimate guide to becoming an exceptional lover no woman would ever forget.

Check this out…

Here’s A Small Sample Of What You’ll Discover In The Female Pleasure Guru…

  • A grand total of 9 different types of female orgasmand exactly how to make them happen.
  • How to get her to experience a squirting orgasm like you’ve never seen before... Be prepared to change the sheets and even air out your mattress after using this technique!
  • 4 special G-Spot sex positions that she is guaranteed to love!
  • The key indicators to watch out for to know if your woman has faked her orgasm and what to do about it if she has.
  • What to do during sex to give your woman such intense multiple orgasms that she’ll become sexually addicted to you.
  • he 4 fundamental orgasm types, which include the Clitoral, Vaginal, G-Spot and Anal orgasms. Plus I’ll show you multiple fingering, oral sex, sex positions and intercourse techniques to make each orgasm type happen with an almost shocking consistency.
  • The power of creating “Sexual Tension” to get her to quiver in anticipation for you to initiate sex... And then when you finally do give it to her... Get her to orgasm within seconds of you putting it in.
  • Common misconceptions about male hygiene that can easily be corrected, but if left alone could be the sole reason stopping her from wanting to have sex with you.
  • A whole section of the guide dedicated to “Advanced Sexual Techniques” where you’ll learn 5 exceptionally pleasurable advanced orgasms you can give a woman, including “Mixed”, “Multiple”, “Perpetual”, “Shared” and “Squirting” orgasms... This is the kind of stuff that raises you to “Sex-God status” in the eyes of your woman, because this is rare knowledge you won’t find in any men’s magazines, free websites or other sex guides, so no other guy uses these techniques.
  • The truth about premature ejaculation and the approach I personally used to learn to last significantly longer in bed.
  • My special sexual persuasion technique that’ll help you get even the shyest woman to do things that would make her mother GASP – from blowjobs to anal sex to threesomes... Don’t attempt to convince your woman of trying any of them until you know this.
  • The step-by-step system for giving a woman an orgasm through anal sex so she’ll want to have it over and over again.
  • A cunning method for completely eliminating foreplay when you just feel like having sex, (but will still keep her dripping wet for you)
  • What to do if you struggle to keep an erection during sex and some simple approaches to fixing it.
  • A counter-intuitive method for deepening the emotional bond you experience during sex to get her to associate massive pleasure to being intimate with you.
  • How to read a woman’s mind during sex so you can pinpoint exactly what drives her wild and use it to rapidly bring her to orgasm. (By the way multiple studies have shown that men are instinctively terrible at understanding when a woman is actually experiencing pleasure, and will often think they’ve satisfied their woman... When she is in fact only faking her satisfaction. This section of the guide will make sure you never have to be one of those guys.)
  • 3 powerful oral sex methods that will leave her screaming your name with pleasure.
  • How to get her to develop a deep sense of trust in you to break down any resistance she has so she can experience levels of sexual pleasure with you like never before.
  • The TRUTH about penis size and how to become an unforgettable lover, even if you’re less than “fully-equipped” down there.
  • The absolute essentials for adding variety in a sexual relationship to prevent sex from going stale, which by the way, is of paramount important if you want to make sure she doesn’t cheat on you
  • How to become dominant in bed so she submits to you in orgasm. If think of yourself as a “shy guy” or just someone who could be more dominant in bed you must read this.
  • Exactly where to touch her and when during foreplay to have her begging for you to put it in.
  • How to give her the jaw-dropping “Perpetual Orgasm” that can last for over 20 minutes! Just to let you know... she might not be able to walk properly for a few hours after this!
  • Much, MUCH more

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There are few things in the world more embarrassing than premature ejaculation. And although it is possible to satisfy a woman without lasting long… Being able to last for as long as you want opens up a whole new world of pleasure for both you and her.

This bonus guide worth $39 will show a proven 6 step formula of techniques and changes to make before and during sex that can help any man last significantly longer in bed.

FREE BONUS #2: Stop Sexual Rejection

If you’ve ever been really attracted to a woman or just really in the mood for sex, but when you go to make the move she slaps you with the cold hard shoulder… Then you know the pain of sexual rejection.

By tapping into the female psychology and some little known persuasion techniques this bonus guide, worth $29, will show you a totally unique approach to initiating sex so you never get rejected again.

FREE BONUS #3: Female Orgasm Fast Track

This guide contains 7 emergency strategies and techniques which you can use the very next time you have sex to give your woman breath-takingly intense orgasms.

The whole point of this bonus guide, worth $29, is to dramatically accelerate your progress and get you seeing improvements in your love making skills so fast and dramatic that your woman will feel like she’s having sex with a whole new person.

FREE BONUS #4: Multiple Orgasms For Men

If you thought that multiple orgasms were just for women then think again. In a few simple steps any man can train himself to experience multiple orgasms.

In this bonus guide worth $19 I’ll show you the exact steps needed to train yourself to experience multiple orgasms during sex so you can orgasm multiple times without losing your erection. Not only does this mean more pleasure for you, but it also means you can last a whole lot longer in bed too.


Altogether you’ll get everything you could possibly need to know about giving a woman intense multiple orgasms, getting her to love having sex with you and never want to cheat on you.

And in case you haven’t realized this… These changes are PERMANENT.

These aren’t some fancy tricks a woman will only enjoy once. What you’ll learn in the Female Pleasure Guru you’ll be using for the rest of your life.

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[1] Healthy Women Survery 2015 - retrieved 18th January 2017 - http://healthywomen.org/sites/default/files/LT_HW_Survey_1_Infographic_5.11.15.pdf[2] Internet Movie Database, Filmography for Aaron Wilcoxxx, retrieved 5th January 2017, http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2808854/[3] Hayden, Naura - How To Satisfy Her Every Time