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From: David Messent, Affiliate Manager,

This offer is like no other Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation and Male Performance offer.


Because it's created by Aaron Wilcoxxx (featured on the right) - who's well known within the adult movie industry for having featured in over 200 movies.

He’s had sex with many hundreds of women, including some of the biggest names around – think Lisa Ann, Kayden Kross – to just name two.

He’s worked with some of the biggest labels in the industry - like Wicked Pictures, Hustler Video and Penthouse.

And now...

For The First Time Ever, He's Revealing His PERSONAL SECRETS To Ending E.D., Getting Rock Hard, Boosting Stamina And Lasting Long In Bed In A Brand New Program: 3 Step Stamina

3 Step Stamina is the adult movie star’s guide to raging hard-ons and world-class stamina in 3 easy steps.

And the results men are getting with it will BLOW YOU AWAY.

This is a high quality program that delivers on its promise (and therefore has low refunds too).

But that's not all...

3 Step Stamina Converts Like Crazy And The EPCs Are ENORMOUS!


Men WANT to discover the secrets male porn stars use to achieve their incredible stamina.

The credibility of having a real proven porn star like Aaron Wilcoxxx share his personal secrets means the program practically SELLS ITSELF.

And to top it off, we've enlisted a world-class 7 figure copywriter to help create the VSL meaning this will convert your subscribers and traffic like you've never seen before.

Want Proof?
Here's Some Case Studies Of What Real Super-Affiliates Have Earned With 1,000+ Click Promotions
Affiliate Case Study #1: Here's The Stats From An Internal Mailing Of Ours...

Below are stats from one single mailing to an internal list.

This was the first time our subscribers encountered Aaron Wilcoxxx so there was no prior relationship.

Also these are purely affiliate stats and include no vendor income.

As you can see this led to an EPC of $1.46.

Affiliate Case Study #2: Here's What Lloyd Lester Earned (And Had To Say) About This Offer...

Lloyd said...

"Great new offer that performed very well for my list... while also genuinely helping men overcome one of the biggest problems in the bedroom!"

And from his mailing he earned an EPC of $1.12 from 1,779 hops.

Check out his stats here...

Affiliate Case Study #3: Here's What Team Altare Earned (And Had To Say) About This Offer...

A member of Team Altare said...

"This offer performed so well, I nearly wet my pants when I saw how much it made with one small mailing!"

And from their mailing they earned an EPC of $0.87 and that was from 4,823 hops!

Check out their stats here...

Affiliate Case Study #4: Here's What Josh R. Earned With This Offer...

Josh R, the mastermind behind the Porn Star Sex Life video training series earned an EPC of $0.86 and from 2,107 hops!

Check out his stats here...

(Here's the math: 2,107 hops, $1,880.64 makes for an earnings per click of $0.86)

Affiliate Case Study #5: Here's What David Shade Earned With This Offer...

This is the one case study with less than 1000 clicks, but I wanted to share it with you anyway.

David Shade's team earned an EPC of $1.06 and from 425 hops!

Check out his stats here...

(Here's the math: 425 hops, $449.97 makes for an earnings per click of $1.06)

We've Mailed A LOT Of ClickBank Offers In The Men's Health And Male Performance Niche And Personally These Are Some Of The Best Stats I've Seen

Now I know some vendors talk about EPCs of $3 and over, but it's very rare to see that from TOTAL CLICKS (not just unique clicks) of a 1000+ click mailing.

Above is REAL PROOF it's possible to generate EPCs of $1.46 with this offer (and possibly a lot more if you have a responsive list or high quality traffic).

This new offer is the real deal...

Plus This Offer DRAWS MORE CLICKS Than Other Offers

Experienced affiliates know that it's not just all about EPCs.

If your EPCs are sky high but you can barely get anyone to actually click through to an offer your commissions will still suck.

This offer is different.

Since this features a real male porn star and men are desperate to discover their secrets, men are incredibly curious about it, want to click through and ultimately want to BUY.

Start Promoting Now While The Payouts Are The Biggest

Yes, we're constantly running split tests to try and improve payouts and the payouts for this offer will always be great.

But it's also no secret that brand new offers pay out the highest.

That means if you want to make the most amount of money...

Get a promotion in right now while the conversions are the highest and before everyone else jumps on the bandwagon and starts promoting.

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